Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests and members of the United Methodist Radio Network, welcome to the vibrant city of Johannesburg! We are gathering for the highly anticipated Annual United Methodist Radio Network Meeting, June 19 – 21 and it is an honor to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you.

As we come together in this bustling metropolis, known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and boundless spirit, we embark on a journey of inspiration, collaboration, and growth. Johannesburg, often referred to as the “City of Gold,” symbolizes resilience, progress, and the pursuit of unity—a fitting backdrop for our collective endeavors.

Over the course of this meeting, we will delve into the vast realm of communication and media, exploring innovative strategies, sharing insights, and nurturing valuable connections. Our shared commitment to serving communities and spreading the message of hope, love, and compassion is what binds us together, creating a powerful network that reaches far and wide. Please view the agenda for the meeting English, French, and Portuguese

Through the power of radio, we have the ability to touch lives, uplift spirits, and ignite positive change. Our united efforts can bridge gaps, dissolve boundaries, and create a ripple effect that extends beyond our immediate reach. Together, we amplify the voices of those who may otherwise go unheard, fostering understanding, justice, and inclusivity.

As we engage in thought-provoking discussions, informative workshops, and collaborative sessions, let us remember the significance of our mission. Our collective endeavors hold the potential to illuminate the path of countless individuals, providing solace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.

Johannesburg serves as a fitting host city for this momentous gathering, with its diverse population, storied past, and vibrant present. Let us embrace this unique opportunity to learn from one another, to celebrate our accomplishments, and to envision a future where the power of radio continues to make a profound impact on the lives of people around the world.

Once again, a warm and wholehearted welcome to the Annual United Methodist Radio Network Meeting in Johannesburg. May our time together be filled with meaningful connections, fruitful collaborations, and a renewed sense of purpose. Let us embark on this journey together, guided by our shared values and inspired by the transformative potential of our work. Thank you.